Friday, November 14, 2008

Here is my $13.00 find! No kidding

This lamp regularly sells for about $269.00. It was in the scratch and dent
sale. I ask what was wrong and the lights did not work. This lamp is very
heavy and the shades are chocolate brown and the shades feel like leather.
It's very detailed. Not sure where it is going but for $13.00 couldn't pass
this one up. I have all the lights working except one. My honey is going
to rewire the one. I have it sitting on this table to take a photo of it.

Melissa for you....wrought iron over master bed or topper as you call them

Here is a better photo.
Drapes that my girlfriend made custom for me. I love the beading. The window with the blinds pulled is the master bath potty room.

Accessories, drapery material and artwork in the dinning room.

Some items will stay and some will be placed in other rooms.
I am still undecided on a wall color for this room.

Make Over Dinning Room

This is the before photo of my dinning room.

Stay tuned for the make over in the christmas issue.

For the home decorating diva's

I thought I would start this blog because the BridalBlooms4u is more
geared toward the brides and florist.

More to come.


Under Construction

Comming Soon.........