Wednesday, November 18, 2009

All " dishaholics" for that Christmas tablescape that will wow your guest!

Heads up girls; you too Gollum! Alert, alert!
I know you're in your book right now but just take a minute and read this.

Ladies here is a deal I came across, I orderd two sets of these dishes.
They have some manufacturer defects but you can't really tell.
You can not beat this price. 

24 DP8M25 Set of 8 Dinner Plate 10 3/4 IMPERFECT $69.95

You can find these at "".
Yes you read this right: A SET OF EIGHT PLATES FOR   $ 69.95!

Let me know if you purchase them.

Oops for got to tell you the no. is 49624 (Lenox Holiday) about the eight item or so down the first page.
Good luck.
thank you,