Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Can't Believe That I Only Purchased Two Items.........


What a handy tool for the bar or kitchen. Wine opener!

We enjoy having a glass of wine in the evening; my daughter had a wine opener like
this and I decided that the old fashion openers with the screw cork took too much time.
So this week I purchased one for us. This removes the cork and then reverse and pops
the cork loose.

This box caught my eye. I love to accessories my home; my girls think I have too much sitting
around. What would they think if they came to visit and I removed all my accessories or just
half of them. I like lots of stuff and I like to change them out as the seasons come and go.

This box is black and gold. It's not a bright gold nor is it shiny it's a really pretty gold color
and it works great in several rooms. I just don't know where its' home will be for now. It
is on the bedroom dresser for now.

I really thought I got a good deal for this box is fairly large. It's as large as a dinner plate.
Oh, gosh I guess I shouldn't have said that; Gollum will tell me to hide my dishes in here!

I guess I saved money this week; I usually have a lot of items in my bag.

I thank all you ladies who have joined us in the past and those who will be joining us this week.