Thursday, May 28, 2009

My neighbor's flower Garden; Tootsie's Fertilize Friday

This is my neighbors flower garden. This is where I had one of the weddings over the memorial day week-end. I will show the wedding pictures at a later post. She has flower bulbs from her mother from years ago. She has moved her flowers around from home to home. Sharon has a real green thumb. This photos are of her side and back yard. I will take some of her front yard
at a later date; hopefully if she lets me show her home inside.

She has many peonies in different pinks and whites.

Irises are so beautiful and she has many different varieties.
Shanon's husband built this gazebo for their son's wedding.

Path of flowers to her back yard and patio's and porches.

Lots of yellow's, purples, pinks and blues.

Real light purple; this is so beautiful up close.

Almost a blue color.

An old fashion pump is one of the ornaments in her yard.
Her husband did all the pave rs. You really don't see the justice to the
layout of this walkway. It is so awesome and looks so great in her yard.

These pave rs are off the back porch and heads down all the way to the gazebo.

They where still working on all of this the night before the wedding.

Perfect wedding site.
Little path lights from home depot.

She has lots of fish in her pond; each one is now a pet. Sharon is so sweet and just one
of those people that make you feel right at home in her home.
Amazing work, Paul did on the pathway.
The back porch with rock, pave rs and white wicker furniture.
This home is beautiful. I hope she will let me do a posting of the inside of her home.
Thank you,

A few tablescapes that can inspire..........

Please be sure to check out Between Naps on the Porch, our host Susan. You will find a list of bloggers who list photos of their table scape or like the ones I show here for inspiration.

Great looking deserts and colorful.

Love the mustard yellow with the red or burgundy.
Little details.
Beautiful glass of fruit.
This chocolate bow just sets this plate off.
Wonderful napkins rings.

I just love the way these flatware pieces are tied with ribbon. Thank you for stopping by Interior Rooms.