Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What day is it.............It's Tablescape Thursday.............

Ladies, please be sure to check out our hostess site over at Between naps on the porch. Susan happily host this party on table scape Thursday for us every week. And I have to say that
I am one of the blogger's that can't wait for Thursday to come around. Even if I don't get
to participate it's wonderful to see all the other bloggers who post their table sittings and
"We get some really amazing decorations." Click on the other bloggers on Susan's site and
see some of the most unique and beautiful decorations and how to sit your table for one, two
or more guest. You will not be disappointed!

I am continuing to add to my collection of Lenox Butler Pantry
Here is the pitcher, sugar and creamer.
Oh, those Gollum dishes; how wonderful they look on our tables. Thanks Gollum for this
wonderful dish siting.

I add a light gold picture frame as my charger. This was dinner on my birthday
on May 6th. Underneath the plate was a photo of Mr. Williams and I on one of
my previous birthdays. It' was cute.

Wm Rogers "First Love" flatware; one of my favorite flatware sets I have.

Just a quite birthday dinner for He and She.

All white! what a clean look

Home made baked bread; will show the meal I cooked on Foodie Friday
sponsored by Gollum over at Design by Gollum.

It's pretty is person. Wish you all where here to celebrate.

The bread was delicious.

Little candle lite; this is called Shades of Light. The shade is a candle
and I use to sell these in my wedding and gift shop.

And a little wine..............

A complete table sitting.

Wine jewelry; just to give a little twist to the bottle.

It all taste better with bread and wine......

Side view of the picture frame: used as a charger

Using all the Gollum dishes right down to the napkin holder.
thank you,

What's a Birthday............

Well it can mean a lot to different people.
For me today, yes it's true that I just
turned 57 years young today.

Age never bothered me until I hit the big 50.
And then something happen. Fifty became old.

I can recall when my mother turned fifty and she
never complained. She had a secret that I didn't
find out until now. No matter how you feel about
your age, you can not change that you are now another
year older. And she accepted it! And so must I.

This morning Mr. Williams had a birthday card with a large
amount of money in it for me! He said I heard your conversation
the other night about needed cloths for our vacation. Oh, he does listen!

Today, I took off work just to have a me day. I look over old photos of my
mother and pictures of her and I. It was a moving morning with just her
and I. I talked to her about each photo and where it was and what we
where doing when the picture was taken. Some how I felt at peace with her
today. I miss her so but I know she knows that she is with me everyday. So
thank you mother for spending part of my birthday with me. It meant the world
to me.

I went to the salon for a pedicure and manicure. It was wonderful. This has been
a wonderful day today. I will make dinner, Mr Williams wanted to take me out for
dinner but I am choosing to cook tonight. I hardly ever cook; he is such a wonderful
cook and I thought tonight that I would cook for us. It's been raining all day so a nice
quite dinner is just fine with me.

So ladies this has been one of the best days for me in over five weeks. Everyone
needs a me day once in a while.