Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crowing about my tablscape thursday!

Please stop over at Susan's table scape Thursday at Naps on the front porch to check out all
the tables capes. This is my really first table scape to post; I had a belated one yesterday and
that doesn't count; right Susan. I still can't get the link on? Maybe Susan can get it linked up.
Gosh, such a computer problem this morning or it is the operator.

Lenox rooster

Creme dishes and brown tons for the charger

Lenox wine vase

Table arrangement complements of bridalblooms4u

Little candle lite to see our way thru the dinner with a little conversation

Notice the napkin rings match the plates

Salad plate black and greg and browns

Wine glass from pier one

Hubby likes coffee after dinner, don't normally put cups on the table, oops

Thank you, Susan