Sunday, January 11, 2009

Here are my winnings........our local auction on the internet..........

The ottoman will be used either in the great room (I have a Ethan Allen table in there now but the grand-kids scratch it up) will be better for the grand-kids. This ottoman was less than $135.00.
The picture I wanted for the frame. It was less than $40.00. I don't know where this will go yet?
I just love auctions.
I adore beautiful frames and a lot of times I will buy the picture for the frame or the photo and change them out to fit the look I am trying to get. I have 9 pictures that I recently bought over the last 4 months in the over all scheme of getting some unfinished business done in completing my decorating before summer of 2009. A lot of planning; I make list for each room and what I think I want to do and then keep that list in my purse and when I go shopping I pull my list out. It helps keep me focused on my vision.