Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Newbie Wednesday

Do you remember when you where a newbie? A newcomer to an on line Internet activity?
Like blogging or RMS or facebook or twitter?
So we all have been a newbie to something at one time or another. You all will be. I was once, as was everyone else.

Do you remember the first day that someone told you about Gollum? We all tried to figure out who this person was. Then we found out that she was an author of books.
And the pieces of the puzzle started to go together.

I love to learn from others and others experiences. We have a lot of experience here in blog land and so many talent people. Nothing makes me happier than feeding my sole with the chance to absorb new sites. I also hate being new at something, I want to be good at it, but I have very little patience for myself on the learning curve.
I am sure that I am not alone in this field of learning something new.

Stepping out of our comfort zone is challenging, it's something new, what will others think? I knew that is was time for me to move on from RMS and to finally address my fears and frustration of trying to blog.

Many nights I read, Design by Gollum, Tootsie Time, Between Naps on the Front Porch,
and all the gals that show up in my blog list. These are amazing gals that write beautiful blogs about themselves, home decorating,gardening, and recipes. I listen to their selection of music, toured their homes and got
to know some family members. I Became friends with some that called and I can't stress enough that blog family is like no other. It's made up of long distant friends, friends close and friends in other countries.

I stepped out of my shell and notice that others where learning and that they too made mistakes. This blogging is easy once you get the hang of it; but I am still going thu the learning phase. I would have crawled into a hole never coming out if I had not experienced the joy of blogging with others here in blog land. I got a new attitude with my re-found self-assurance when I began to leave comments and got answers back. I was on a roll and so excited. Do you remember?

So Today it is Newbie Wednesday! Please find a new blog out there in blog land and promote a newbie on Wednesday. If you are a newbie please link up to Mr. Linky so we can welcome you to our land of blog land. If you are like me I came across a new
blog thu ANOTHER blog. Let's make our newbies feel welcome.

See my selection for a newbie below.
Here is how you post:
Post your name and link up to Mr. Linky and then post on your blog the new found blog; and reference who the new blog is.

Here is my selection of the newbie blog, I like the feeling of a condo that feels like a ship please check this blog out:
thank you,