Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall exterior wanted to see some closeups.

I showed a sneak peek last week on the front door. Below are some close ups of the ghost, door wreaths and more. Enjoy! I'll get on my broom and put my witches hat on and take a few lanterns and off we go................

Patio right off the garage side door. Mums planted here this week-end.

On the right side of the door the owl is in the center of the wreath. Black and orange
ribbon. (bought at hobby lobby).

Just a few pumpkins on the table outside on the covered porch. Still to decorate

The decorations wound not be complete: the barn has to be decorated too.


Close up on the wreath over at the barn. I need to revamp this wreath next year.

Left side of the front entry door. This one has a crow in the center; peering out at you.

The boo ribbon is so cute with small crows on the stems of the pumpkin

Witches hat.

The ghost are on tomato stakes, Christmas lights and white sheet material.
Pattern found at Joann's Fabric.

Used the two tone hat ribbon; boo and the black and orange stripe.

My witch night light as you come in from the garage.

Tapped the pumpkins off to get ready for black spray painting.

I chose to make two large ghost and one small. My sister has one large and two small
and my daughter has one large and three small. They are popping up everywhere.

I change different colors every year on the mum colors in the flower pots.
All mums are then put in the flower beds.

Fall flower arrangement; one of my favorite flowers are large sun flowers.

Thank you for visiting. Busy week this week; doing a huge wedding.
Not much time to blog.