Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our 3rd Sunday Shopping Secrets


I've been around the blog this week and seen some beautiful new items purchased this week.
I've seen Gollum dishes, granite, bedding, accessories and vases etc. I have started to purchase
flowers for all the flower pots around my home. Have you?

Ladies, link up to our Sunday Shopping Secrets this Sunday, May 3rd. Share with us how
you decorated with the items you purchased or just photograph the item and post about
where you purchased it and how you plan to use it.

Remember you can blog about any item you have purchased during the week.
What's in your bag?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Grand Children and Discipline

Oldest Daughter and Grand daughter
Shannon and Madaline

Both Grand daughters
Maddie and Kara

Daughters and Granddaughters
Shannon, Natalie, Maddie and Kara

Yesterday was my granddaughter's first communion. There is a divorce that has taken place with my oldest daughter. So it was uncomfortable and some bad feelings between both families
We got Thu the event without much trouble.
Our family went back to my daughters for late lunch. During dinner part of us where eating
in the kitchen great room and some where in the dinning room. It was beautiful weather yesterday and great for being out doors.

During lunch our six year old, 4 year old and 10 year old where running around the couch, into the kitchen and back around into the great room. On their way back to the great room they would dive over the couch. And the six year old would stand on the couch and jump to the ottoman. I told them to stop and go out side if they wanted to run and play. I don't allow
this kind of action to happen in my home and correct them accordingly.

I told them three times to stop. On the last attempt to get them to stop I chased the six year old into the dinning room to where his mother was (my oldest daughter). My youngest daughter interrupted me while telling my daughter what was taken place. My youngest daughter told me that the parent should do the discipline and not the grandparent. I was furious. I disagree with them and I told them so.

I called my youngest daughter to talk to her about what she had said and told her that I disagreed with her and that not only one of the children but more could have been seriously hurt during the running and jumping. This is the second time that I have had this conversation with her. So today my oldest called and said she would also discipline her children; well it never happens. This children are spoiled and I don't agree that only the parent should discipline them.

I love my grand children dearly with all my heart and we spoil them rotten our selves.
Today I wrote my daughters a letter and told them that I disagree with their decisions so I would not be watching the children anymore. I am so hurt over this that they would make this
decision; I refuse to let my grandchildren act this way when I am around. They are not bad children but do need to be discipline at times. I am really shock over this decision and this is the second time this has come up. I have had to discipline them at my home about jumping on
the beds and couch. One grand son put a hole in my work out room downstairs and I told his mother and she took him to my husband and made him apologize over it.
As a grand parent what do you do. I am afraid that they will get hurt if you just let them go and I never let my girls act that way at home or anyones home I want to hear from you young ladies too. If anything I try to over protect them. Both daughters where not raised this way and
it really hurts my feelings.
All you grandparents I want to hear from you; how do you approach this problem. I have
five beautiful grand children. My daughter who told me this, it wasn't even her home!
I love my girls but I feel very strong about his kind of behavior from children.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

2nd Sunday Shopping Secrets

I know a lot of you gals out that have been doing some shopping so share those items with us this week-end.

I bought material to make new napkins for the out door porch off the great room.
I plan to purchase a cabinet to store the dishes used on the porch for table scape
Thursday. Check out Susan's beautiful cabinet where she stores her dishes until
used for her guest. I hope I will be lucky enough to come across something like

While shopping on the way home from my fathers this last week-end my sister and I
decided to visit one of the off the road flee markets. The soup tureen is one of
the items that I was able to purchase and I was thrilled to death with it. I was
so afraid that I was going to drop it before I got it to the car.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Reminder Sunday Shopping Secrets this Sunday, April 26, 2009.........

Just a reminder for Sunday Shopping Secrets coming up this Sunday.

I know you have been sprucing up your nest with new fabrics, paint, drapes, pillows,
and accessories. Share you shopping items with us.

I am looking forward to those garage sale items and antique items that some of you girls go to the antique malls and have found wonderful items for your home.

Don't forget that we are not limited to just items for our homes they can be items for us or someone else; example shoes, great buys on clothing and any great finds at your local mall.

Ladies don't forget some of us love to shop on e-bay. I have found great buys on e-bay for dishes, flatware and rugs.

Share your Sunday Shopping Secrets with us. Items can be show from the this weeks buys.

Thanks ladies and let's have fun with this. Is there perhaps a new item like the birds found over at Susan's they seem to spread like wild fire! What's our next item! Anyone have a catch-ie item that you want to share?


Friday, April 10, 2009

Tootsie............just put these in the pots for Easter.

I am at my fathers: been here is since last week and will be here to enjoy Easter with him and some
of my brothers and sisters. I felt the need to post something about Easter. I am thankful for all of you girls and your support.

I put these flower out in pots right before I left last week.
Tootsie this is as good as it gets for now. I've missed you this

Happy Easter to all of you in blog land. Rough week and first holiday with out our mother.I am showing my father all the comments from all of you; he is amazed that
such support in our time of need is coming from people I have never met.
He says thank you to from him from the bottom of his heart. So..........thankful.

I've never told anyone but my Father was a minister for 65 years. He has taught me alot this week and helping me to understand mothers passing.

We are all cleaning today and we laughed, cried and have enjoy this morning so much.
I hope time will heal our pain.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Thank You..........

I thank all of you for your comments, condolences, flowers and to
all that have kept me focus whether it was a phone call, table scape
Thursday or Gollum Friday Foodie post and of course Tootsie who thinks
she can teach me to garden. I am with my father this week
and will return back to blog once again in a week or too. Again,
my family and I thank you for all your prayers at this time. I miss her
so! You gals are wonderful people and I have leaned on all of you; thank
you for holding me up.

My thanks to:

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A tablescape that I will never forget........A one of a kind!

This table scape is unusual; it has been hand selected by the best Gardener in blog land. Each flower as beautiful as the ones she selects for her own garden.
I have been in great pain and suffering from the death of my mother. The simply
tasks are so hard to do and I seem to get nothing accomplish. One of the blogger wrote to me and it talked about life going on and just didn't seem to be fair that life goes on. And I agree. But it took a friend in Canada to get me up from bed.
A friend that god sent my way, not realizing that I would need her in times of great stress and pain. I'm glad he did. Tootsie, so thankful for you. And I know
you don't know this but the flowers are the same that my mother had on her gasket.
She as I do love white stargazers. The alstromeria and stock are so beautiful. You didn't know that even though we met while blogging that you could know some one to
this extent. I love you Tootsie and I truly appreciate you gift and I wished it would live forever. I have my sissy and brothers and I will get Thu this. But I
need some time. Only you could have gotten me to blog today; and I can say this is
the most awesome gift of flowers ever displayed in a table scape Thursday. Thank you again my friend.

Why GOD Gave Us Friends.......He gave me Tootsie

GOD knew that everyone needs
Companionship and cheer,
He knew that people need someone
Whose thoughts are always near.

He knew they need someone kind
To lend a helping hand.
Someone to gladly take the time
To care and understand.

GOD knew that we all need someone
To share each happy day,
To be a source of courage
When troubles come our way.

Someone to be true to us,
Whether near or far apart.
Someone whose love we'll always
Hold and treasure in our hearts.

That's Why GOD Gave Us Friends!

Thank you

My sister sends all her thank you's to each of you. I have read her all your comments and she is over whelmed with all your support. She will be leaving
on Friday to be with my father. She will join you all; she needs time.
Tootsie and Gloria she wants you to know that her heart is filled with so much
love and support from both of you. Always asking about our mother and all of
you have kept her busy with blogging and I appreciate that. Anita and I are very close and she is my big sister; she is always there for me and our other brothers.
She is always trying to do the right thing and make decisions that our mother and
father would want her to do. She raised me while our mother worked and I can't tell
you what a wonderful person her and her husband are. I still feel like mother is here Thu Anita. But she is so heart broken as we all are but she is so like mom, her shoes, clothes, purses and her home. When I see my sister I see my mother. I look more like mom but Anita has her good will and I have the calm side of mother.
So we will help each other and I took care of mother up until she passed; Anita feels guilty that she couldn't spend the time with her like she wanted. But if you know Anita she owns two business plus her floral shop and she is never still. She took care of mother in other ways. She feels she needs this extra time with my father and she is going to take that time. Please pray for us and our family.
Sissy will be back soon for she loves to table scape and interior design. Photos of her home doesn't do it justice, she is so creative but she doesn't show you that side of her; she sells herself short. I am with my father and I will stay as long
as it's necessary. It's been hard on my father who has been the primary care giver for mother for 10 years. I came two weeks out of the month to help. We need more prayers than you can realize. Tootsie, Anita's husband said that you where the sweetest person he had talked to. So sweet of you to call yesterday and check on Anita. Thank you. Jeweldine Stewart