Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thank you

My sister sends all her thank you's to each of you. I have read her all your comments and she is over whelmed with all your support. She will be leaving
on Friday to be with my father. She will join you all; she needs time.
Tootsie and Gloria she wants you to know that her heart is filled with so much
love and support from both of you. Always asking about our mother and all of
you have kept her busy with blogging and I appreciate that. Anita and I are very close and she is my big sister; she is always there for me and our other brothers.
She is always trying to do the right thing and make decisions that our mother and
father would want her to do. She raised me while our mother worked and I can't tell
you what a wonderful person her and her husband are. I still feel like mother is here Thu Anita. But she is so heart broken as we all are but she is so like mom, her shoes, clothes, purses and her home. When I see my sister I see my mother. I look more like mom but Anita has her good will and I have the calm side of mother.
So we will help each other and I took care of mother up until she passed; Anita feels guilty that she couldn't spend the time with her like she wanted. But if you know Anita she owns two business plus her floral shop and she is never still. She took care of mother in other ways. She feels she needs this extra time with my father and she is going to take that time. Please pray for us and our family.
Sissy will be back soon for she loves to table scape and interior design. Photos of her home doesn't do it justice, she is so creative but she doesn't show you that side of her; she sells herself short. I am with my father and I will stay as long
as it's necessary. It's been hard on my father who has been the primary care giver for mother for 10 years. I came two weeks out of the month to help. We need more prayers than you can realize. Tootsie, Anita's husband said that you where the sweetest person he had talked to. So sweet of you to call yesterday and check on Anita. Thank you. Jeweldine Stewart


Happy To Be said... sweet of you with your sorrow to let us know about heart breaks for you and your family...I know how you feel as I lost my Mama 22 months ago to ALS..its so hard to watch this once strong person become what is before us...and to know our hands are just tied and we are helpless to stop this prayers to God is that he embraces you and your family..Antia he hears your name my friend as he heard mine at the time..
Remember your mama is free and whole again my friend...this gave me great comfort when my Mama past knowing that she was once again whole..
Anita I am not telling you it will be easy...because its not...its a Void in your heart you will have the rest of your life..
I am here for you as all of your friends our...
God Bless you and your family...Thank you again little sister for letting us know and my prayers with you also...A BIG HUG to you...Gl♥ria

Dani said...

Sending my regards:
I understand it's so very hard. I hope you pull through the darkness~ there is truly a silver lining. Dani

Bo said...

Thank you so much for letting us know Anita will be away for a while...your mom sounded like a loving, sweet lady that raised a beautiful family. I am so glad Anita has you & your siblings to support her...and you all have each other. Please accept my condolences on the loss of your mom & know all of you will be remembered in prayer. Sincerely, Bo

Tootsie said...

I am praying for you all....Anita is very special to me. Between Gloria and Anita...I have a great support system.
It is the least a friend can do when one of us falls a little help hold her up!
Your dad is a sweetie pie...he made a hit with this girl! You and your sister have two wonderful parents. Your mom got the best parts of her mother and you have them too!
Keep my Blossom near...and when you see her look a little down...tell her tootsie is waiting for her to come back all perky and sweet!
If you guys need anything a 1/2 frozen Alberta girl can know where I am!
hugs and lots of love and prayer...