Sunday, November 16, 2008

Book Worm award given by Melissa at Heart and Home

The book is Diana -Story of a Princess

Page 56 the 5th line:
They pressed so close that even the Queen lost her temper, snapping, "Why don't you go away?" Prince Charles wished reporters "a happy New Year and your editors a particularly nasty one". At the beginning of January press secretary Michael Shea let it be known tht the Queen was "very distressed" at the way her family had been harassed during thir winter holiday. The Queen urged Charles to take action soon but did not recommend one course or another. Diana planned a trip to Australia with her mother to escape from the pressure and persuade the Prince with her absence.

I too pass this award on to each and every blogger it's the holidays and I feel the need to share, share etc. Lets' make sure every person has a book worm award.

Thanksgiving For the Two Of Us

Since we are going to my daughters for thanksgiving, I had to at least set a table at home. So today we have soup, roasted turkey breast and dressing, mashed potatoes
with gravey and greenbeans. I have cramberry cake in the oven baking.
My tablescape for the holiday is very simple.

Wow Two Lamps In One Week?

This is a beautiful lamp. The shade has a georgous
gold material and the base is black and gold.This lamp was $100.00. I have been looking at this lamp for months. Since it was the last one and no match; they finally put it on sale. Lucky for me. I am usually not in the right place at the
right time. I think it is going in the great room. My DH has to put the plug attachement in the floor due to no area outlets unless you run many extention cords.