Thursday, May 7, 2009

Foodie Friday Fun.......My First.

I showed you the finished product first. This is Wednesday night's birthday dinner.
I don't usually cook; my husband is the cook in this family.

This is a dish my mother use to make when we where at home.

Swiss steak in tomato sauce. I added garlic, pepper, tomatoes, and salt.
The side dishes are corn on cob and mash potatoes.

Nothing fancy just good old home style cooking. I usually only cook on the week-ends
or holidays.

Gollum this is the first for me; hubby wants to know if he needs to purchase more
dishes so I'll cook. We had a great laugh over that one.

Who knows I just might catch on to this Foodie Friday Fun stuff! My dishes will never
look like the ones you gals do. What about those dishes that Gollum cooks up; such details
on her dishes and a little of this and that and it's marvelous looking and looks like it came out
of a cook book. You're wonderful Gollum and keep the Foodie Friday's coming. You might
just make a cook out of me yet; hubby is hoping. He is even getting into the desserts that
you have done already. He thinks we should stop at Big Lots on the way home from work.
I had to tell him that I have dishes hid all over the house and in the basement; if he need a dessert dish just let me know. I had to give my secret away.
Please go over to Designs by Gollum and check out her cake this week and click on the
other bloggers listed; there are some really delicious and some easy desserts listed.

Happy Mothers Day to all..........And outdoor nature.

Butterflies make me happy! And I often wonder how they get
their color.

I am going to be outside for most of the day on mother's day.
I have been invited for breakfast with my daughter Nati and
then I want to take a walk in our local park. It's a 2 mile walk
and it should be nice on Sunday.

Butterflies are beautiful. This is one of my favorites; it's called a zebra butterfly.
I love nature and I look for wild life when I take these walks. Who knows what
I may find on my outing on sunday?
I'll take my camera to show you how I spent my day.
This evening I am meeting my oldest daughter Shannon for a belated birthday dinner and
mother's day. She will be out of town on mother's day.
I will certainly be thinking of my mother on Sunday; you will be in my heart and I'll take
a walk with you beside me this day. I will never forget you.