Friday, April 24, 2009

Reminder Sunday Shopping Secrets this Sunday, April 26, 2009.........

Just a reminder for Sunday Shopping Secrets coming up this Sunday.

I know you have been sprucing up your nest with new fabrics, paint, drapes, pillows,
and accessories. Share you shopping items with us.

I am looking forward to those garage sale items and antique items that some of you girls go to the antique malls and have found wonderful items for your home.

Don't forget that we are not limited to just items for our homes they can be items for us or someone else; example shoes, great buys on clothing and any great finds at your local mall.

Ladies don't forget some of us love to shop on e-bay. I have found great buys on e-bay for dishes, flatware and rugs.

Share your Sunday Shopping Secrets with us. Items can be show from the this weeks buys.

Thanks ladies and let's have fun with this. Is there perhaps a new item like the birds found over at Susan's they seem to spread like wild fire! What's our next item! Anyone have a catch-ie item that you want to share?