Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lady In Red, The Other Woman In My Husbands LIfe

Here she is! She was a complete off the frame restoration! And she is looking so fine!

All Original

Paint Job by Schroeder's (my son-n-law)

Her first ride after restoration! And she screams!

Back in the 60's.  We took her out for a drive and she still gets the looks!

My hair blew in the wind and I loved it, a great ride.

Headed back to the garage for a real cleaning and ready for her cover until the next sunny day!

Honey I know she took 5 years to restore but she looks wonderful for 44 years old.

I got to drive her last night and I was scared to death.

So beautiful...............and she rumbles!

The hardtop is not completed yet........wait till winter.

She is all decked out in her red, black and chrome.........she look so fine.

I'm very proud of my husband who brought her back to life.
Thanks, honey let's take a spin around the neighborhood!