Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sunday Shopping Secrets....You can post today and Monday for all your items.

It is here: Our Our First Sunday Shopping Secrets Posting

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Thank you to the list of bloggers who participated today on Sunday Shopping Secrets:

Types of Behaviors:

Compulsive shoppers – shop to distract feelings; “when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping”

Trophy shoppers – find the perfect accessory for outfits, etc. High class items will do.

Image shoppers – pick up tab, expensive cars, highly visible stuff

Bargain shoppers – buy stuff they don’t need just because it is a good deal. Out for the hunt.

Codependent shoppers – to gain love and approval

Bulimic shoppers

Collector shoppers

  • From collecting dishes to scouting for flatware and stemware. How about antiques, the shabby chic items. Handbags and shoes every gal needs more. We all have something in common when we shop.

“How much would you have to buy in order to finally feel satisfied or good enough?”

Never; I am always looking for something. I hope the Mr. Linky will work for me. If not let just post your name and I will try and get it straighten out. Here are a few items that I purchased this week. Two pictures for my great room. A pair of chocolate sandals and orange. A pair of Bebe high heels for a wedding in April. A Candle holder and candles for the outside porch table. And we stopped at an estate sale and I made a bid on the Rogers flatware....First Love 1847 flatware... at 90 piece set.