Monday, June 29, 2009

Sand in your toes, sun shine, and grandkids.........great recipe for "vacation"

This is what happens after a long day at the beach. Grandpa and Kara where exhausted!
The boys where building race cars in the sand and Kara was modeling for the up coming race car magazine.
Kara, her dad Rob, Nati, Shannon, Chris and Maddie girl on the far right. I certainly have
some princesses in this family.
Shannon and her family.

All six grand kids with grandpa watching a movie waiting for dinner.

This is pretty much what we did all week. We love to sit and listen to the waves and people watch.
We had a blast this year, Jacob lost his glasses in the ocean and David got swimmers ear.
And they all swam back at the beach house in the pool every night.
We enjoy grandpa ice cream night and grandpa putt putt golf night. The girls and I went shopping.