Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday Shopping Secrets.........Comming soon.

Reminder: A huge "thank you" to Shelia over at her design of my shopping bag secrets; she is a hoot.

The Sunday Shopping Secrets are the items that you have bought all week and want to share
them with us gals in blog land. I know a lot of us have down time on Sundays and that's ok.
Just delay post of your item that you have bought Monday thur Sunday and post on Sunday or Monday. To delay the post on your posting site down on the bottom left is "post options" this is
where you fill in the Sunday or Monday date. This way the gals that don't blog on Sunday will get to see all our items on Monday. Now we can share those secret items we store in the truck of
our car, under the bed, in the basement and closets.

You can post what ever item you choose on what is in your shopping bag. I will post this
again on Friday as a reminder. I will have Mr. Linky linked up; I hope.

thank you,