Monday, May 18, 2009

Should I or should I not trade hubby's corvette in............

I told Tootsie that I've been thinking about trading one of my husband's corvette's in, I think now is most definitely the time and most assuredly the right vehicle.

The older I get the more I think about what we should be doing with our life before
social security sets in ( if we have any by the time we retire) and before we decide
that we better take what's left of our four o one Kay (401K) before the government and wall street have something else in mind for our money. We have lost over half of
what we have worked for all these years. so...........

I'm tired of paying mortgage bills, utility bills, property taxes.
I want to live more simply, pack up and move into a travel trailer.

And I don't mind being called "trailer trash", but I want to get all of your

I ask myself is this trashy enough?

I know some of you gals out there have really nice trailers and campers; we met a couple on the beach last year and this is similar to there trailer. They travel 8 months out of the year in the warmer climates. And in the spring and summer that visit all their family. What a wonderful life. But our problem is how do you leave your children and grandchildren. We see them at least once or twice a week?

Hubby doesn't want to give his 66 Corvette up so I think I will have to look for something a little more our style of budget.


Tootsie said...

all you need now is a skimpy halter top and some bleach blonde hair! lol....and hubby will need some cut of shorts and of course a couple of huge tacky tattoos! lol
wouldn't it be nice to have one of these?
Girl....we woke up to 6 inches of snow and it is still coming down here....makes me mad!

Timi said...

Trade it in sister! Pack up and go experience life! It's way to short! We love our trailer and traveling around doing fun things. Wineries, golfcourses, antique shows, camping with friends and family. You never know..........the kids might just get a motorhome or trailer and join in on your fun.

Hope your mother is doing better or has her family at her side.


Carrie said...

They make RV/travel trailers so fancy now.

Bo said...

Hi Blossom...This is my third try to tell you I want to be that kind of "trailer trash"!!! You wrote a cute, cute post...enjoyed it!
;-) Bo

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Wow! That's some RV! There would be room for the grandkids to come stay with you awhile in that! laurie

Really Rainey said...

Thats a pretty nice rig... you might have to trade in something a little more than the 66 Corvette too tho...

Hubby and I have actually been looking at Class C motor homes too. If you would have asked me last year I would have said "No way!". But this year I'm thinking "Maybe Baby". We are looking at used tho... with "slide outs" and separate master suites and outdoor galleys. Not too bad... Home away from home... I too see my Grandkids a couple times a week... This will only add to the fun! I'm takin em with me! Some of my favorite memories were going camping in Gramma and Grampas motor home!
Go for it! I'll see you on the road!

~Really Rainey~

Our really empty nest said...

wow that is some motor home! Maybe try renting one for a month travel around see what you think and then make this huge life changing decision. The motor home can always be sold, but those tatoos are pretty permenant, lol. Good luck! Sue

Darla said...

So call me trailer trash in that get up!!

"Blossom" said...

Girls, I think I lost this one for selling the vette. The vette is going to our oldest grandson Jacob and he isn't selling it. So I got some really good ideas from you ladies that have looked into this or have a home on the road. I like the idea of renting one and seeing if we would like it. I am such a home body and a person that loves staying put however Steve is more of the traveler than I.
But I could get us to this; I love the fact that I can clean as I go; cleaning on the road.
thank you.

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Blossom,
A motor home is a perfect way to see the country side. I agree rent one first and see if you like it. My friends have one and its a lot of work setting them up and then you have to have a place to store it when you are not traveling. I think it would be great fun. You only live once, besides in the summer you can take the grandkids with you.
Enjoy your day,