Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Newbie Wednesday

I came across this blog this week and you need to check out her

Just post the newbie blog or any interesting blog that you have come across and want to share with us. And then link to Mr. Linky on my blog. This way we can visit the new blog that you have posted and also your blog.

Have a great rest of the week! And thank you for visiting Interior Rooms.



Brenda said...

I'll remember this one! I'm always trolling for new blogs. And want to tell everyone about them.

Tootsie said...

I have no new blogs today....BUT you asked what the color of the bathroom paint was...I can't remember...but will find out. It is a pittsburg paint is the color of light hot chocolate...or coffee with creamer in it...I love it too

Shirley said...

Thank you so much Blossom, for mentioning my site on "Newbie Wednesday" I really appreciate it. Everyone has been so nice since I started this new blogging adventure!!