Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kitchen Blacksplashes.......What backsplash do you have?

I was sitting at the kitchen bar last evening and noticed all of a sudden that
my kitchen needs a back splash.

I went to Home Depot and Lowe's today. Wow so many to look at. So this afternoon
I went to a tile house. It's worse, they have everything and every color you are looking for. Hence the blog today.

Here are some ideas that I have seen on the Internet.
Please link up to Mr. Linky and show the other bloggers your kitchen decorating ideas. It doesn't have to be black splash, you can show other decorating accessories in your kitchen.

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Tootsie said...

all of a sudden??? you make me laugh sweetie pie!!! I am willing to bet your kitchen is to die for with or without a backsplash!!!

Really Rainey said...

That first back splash is VA VA VOOM! I love it! I will go take a photo of my back splash and hook up to Mr. Linky and add it to Foodie Friday.... Have fun searching for a back splash!
Have a great week end!

Shelia said...

I'm so sad! I don't even have a backsplash!
But these are beautiful!
be a sweetie,

Shelia ;)

Struggler said...

It is super-confusing; there are way more options and possibilities than the countertops, and those are bad enough! I like the ones that give a bit of contrast, but my number one suggestion is it should be easy to clean, especially near your stove.

I tried to add a Mr Linky but don't know if it worked. Some of my kitchen pics are here.

Don't do what we did, and go for dark, glossy granite (we were under time pressure and our contractor persuaded us) - it looks great but shows every tiny mark!

Karen said...

We currently have the granite blacksplash that came with the granite counters. I would love to add a glass tile back splash one day, they are gorgeous!!

Eileen said...

You have a wonderful blog here! I really love all your inspiration pictures!
And I also enjoyed the inspiration laundry room photos!
Great job!
'wish I had known about the kitchen update links, I would have taken some photos as I've been trying to incorporate a little shabby chic pink into my Tuscan jewel-toned kitchen!
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments to me!
All the best,

Tootsie said...

hello my sweet friend!!! I got both your comments...sorry about the trees...I hope they come back once you get that fence in.
As for the mums...go for it. I am doing that today too! Lots of garbage cans of spent and ugly flowers hit the curb this morning! This will be the first year I try Mums...never have before. If they do well...I'll do some from seed next year

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

GM Anita...Girl I have seen your house on RMS and it's beautiful and your worried about a backsplash??? After I read this I looked at my kitchen and girl I don't have one either and guess what don't care ha ha!! Years ago no one had backsplashs this is just a thing that was started like 15 years ago...along with granite, and stainless that everyone had to have...My Mama had a beautiful one done with the fruit behind the stove and when we sold her home the first thing the new buyer did was tear it all off...Hope all is been well in your girl my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

I dont have a backsplash either. Sure wish I had kitchen # 1 or 3! LOve those!

Tootsie said...

thanks for the visit today lady bug!!! I hope you are well and getting things done!!!

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

I think that a back splash should stay in the back ground. Mine is just tile , no accents ect.These are very pretty, I will be excited to see what you do, don't let me miss it. Thanks for playing today.

Tootsie said...