Saturday, December 5, 2009

Exterior Christmas Decor

Door wreaths done is silver, gold and red.  Each wreath with white lights. A 7 1/2 christmas street with all whtie lights
with matching door wreath ribbon.  Snow man is all dressed up for the festive affair. 

An extra sleigh for Santa to make sure that he doesn't run out of reindeers and presents
before he gets to my grandkids home. I have rocks in the boxes to hold the gifts
in the sleigh so the wind doesn't blow then away.

This year I added the swags to the pineapple lights.

White snow ribbon added to the urns out doors

Christmas greenery branches of two different kinds and pinecones.

Taller urn is also decorated like the two entrance urns.

It gets really windy in this entrance area; hince the gold paper tree skirt which there are
large rocks that hold the tree down. 

Happy Holidays


Julie Harward said...

The rocks in the wagon..thats what I have to do..bolt it all down good! You are looking very festive at your house, glad you are feeling better! Take it easy and enjoy! Come say hi :D

Joyce said...

I love the sled and the idea of rocks in the packages is a good one that I have not thought about since I spent many a time running after my decorations when the wind was blowing:)

Tootsie said...

it all looks wonderful anita! I hope your back is feeling better

Deanna said...

The decorations are lovely!
So very pretty.

Merry Christmas,
d from Kansas

Miss Janice said...

Love the entry decos!

Sandy said...

Your entry is looking very festive. I also have packages in my sleigh and window boxes, but I haven't had any trouble with them blowing away, I didn't put anything in them for weight purpose. Thanks for sharing.