Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Have you Heard! A pellet for Power surges!

I have had power surges for years now and they tend to be getting worst the older I get.
For 2010  the new year I have put the focus on getting my health in order, exercising like I use
to and finding a new family doctor. 

So last week I took a trip to a doctor and a place called HRC.
This means Hormone Replacement Center. 

My husband made the journey with me.  We talked to the doctor and here is how this works:
A pellet is inserted in the upper buttocks area near your waist.  It is inserted slightly under the skin
for 30 days.  Within the 30 days the body will absorb the pellet within that 30 days.  Before the pellet
is inserted they do blood work to see if you have any hormone levels and what your readings are.
After 30 days they make a new pellet and insert that one.  There is about 4 pellets that are inserted the first
year until they get you adjusted.  The next year you may need only a few.

The total cost if you pay up front is $2900.00 for the first year.  If you choose to pay for each visit when you go it is $900.00 per visit.  Now we sat and talked for over an hour.  The only thing that could happen is an infection at the injection site if you don't care for it like you should.  You need to keep it dry and don't exercise for a week.  If it becomes infected than they give you medicine to clear it up. 

I still have not decide to do the pellet injection yet.  I am still researching this procedure.

The pellet is made all natural hormones from yam plants.  The pellet is similar to a grain of rice.

If you have any research or have had this procedure could you contact me at :

Tired of the power surges, restless legs  at night, weight gain, anxiety, hair loss, irritability, tireness etc.


Previous doctors want to give you medicine for depression! I'm not depressed, what do they not understand about that.  Why do doctors feel that the first thing to take care of your problems is give you a pill.  I am focused on taking my health into my own hands at this point.  I had a really great woman doctor and 6 years ago she retired.  I have not been able to find another like her.  But I will look until I find the right one.
Are you facing some of these same issues; can you share with some advise of what steps you have taken?


Julie Harward said...

Been there...I was so tired, I could have slept all night and most of the day. I went to the doc. and first thing he wanted to do was put me on Prosac...i said NO THANK YOU!!! I went to another doctor, she did all the tests and blood came back that my thyroid was not even working! She put me on a med. for that and got me taking a one a day vit. ...calcium. I perked right up and was back to normal, thank God I didn't listen to the first doc.! I walk 2-3 miles every day and I use 2 little packets of the mildest estrogen that I rub on my legs each day because my est. levels are so low. It has helped so hot flashes anymore and I feel so good. I'm never sick..thank goodness for good doctors! Good luck..Come say hi :D

Blondie's Journal said...

I wish there were something to help me...I do have a woman doctor, but I never thought to ask, I thought I just had to live with all of the problems, the biggest, weight gain. And depressed? No, not clinically. But by the lack of understanding and compassion from hubby and kids. They think I am just moody and inactive.

I am glad you are concentrating on your health. You have inspired me!


Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Blossom~It's good to see you back. I've missed you. I'm curious to what you're calling "power surges?" I've experienced a form of anxiety that produces an uncomfortable surge of adrenaline. which I refer to my doctors as "zappers." Or a more concise description...chewing on tinfoil. If you've got fillings you'll know what I mean with that one. I've been researching bio-identical treatment, ever since Suzanne Sommer has brought it to the forefront. Unfortunately my HMO doesn't practice a bio form of treatment. I agree we have to be aggressive in rallying for the proper treatment. I hope you find what combination's of treatment that will work for you. Please let me know what happens, especially about the "power surges." Until now, I've never known anyone who experiences this, if in fact it's what I've suffered with for so many years. Ooooh the trials of menopause. I'm still waiting for the final "PAUSE!!" LOL!

Sweet wishes,

Eileen said...

Well, I've suffered on and off with hot flashes these past few years, but finally it seems to be subsiding, same with the mood swings. I thought about taking something, but then I just let nature take it's course and it seems like the worst is behind me now (keeping my fingers crossed).
Hope things work out for you!
Feel good!

I have something for you on my Sunday (1/17) post.
All the best,

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi Blossom, I'm sorry you're having to go through all of this. I had a hysterectomy due to endometriosis almost 23 years ago. After awhile we discovere a knot in my upper leg area, and immediately I was scared out of my mind. Mr. P's mother had just moved in with alzheimers, he had a kidney stone and we were putting siding and windows in the house we lived in at the time.. I had alot of tests run, but to no avail they couldn't find a thing. The knot was painful, to the point at times I could hardly walk or stand. They pulled me off the estrogen for fear that a bit of the endometriosis had pocketed itself. Let me tell you, I drove my husband and mother in law NUTS!! The meds they put me on did nothing for the hot flashes!! I was so hyper I could go on an hour's sleep a night and still go the next day. Finally, after finding another doctor and more tests, they put me back on my estrogen, said I should never had been off of it.. the knot.. miracously disappeared as quickly as it came and I haven't had it since..I'm still on estrogen, although they are weaning me down now. They would like for me to be off it completely without any of the ill side effects, like short tempers,dry hair, skin among other areas, and fatique. My girlfriend tried to go with all the natural things they advertise and she discovered the hard way.. it was one way and that was estrogen. Like me, she is on a low dose and is being weaned off. I hate that this is a "natural" way us women have to age. why don't men go through it? I pray you find the right solution for you. Research darling and lots of it.. if you don't agree with your doctor move onto another. I personally have a female GYN and she is very understanding and a great support for me. This is what works for me... I pray you find what works for you... Many good thoughts coming your way darling. I think I've written a small book... I'll close for now.. it was "great" having you stop by. I've missed you.. hugs and hugs ~lynne~

xinex said...

Hi Blossom! I have not heard of that pellet until now but it is very interesting. Good luck in finding the right remedy and if you try that, let me know if it works....Christine

Tootsie said...

hey girl...finally I can comment!!! woo hooo! now if I could just remember what I wanted to say! haha