Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What a mess........I haven't been able to stay focused!!

The last 10 weekends have been spent working down in our basement.
All the framing for each room (bar room) (man cave) bath room where all
roughed in.  The plumbing is finished.  The only thing left to do
before dry wall in the wiring.  Hubby says he needs two days to
get the electrical done.  I've been getting contractors in for bids on the dry
wall because hubby doesn't want to do this job.  He is back on working
on restoring his 66 corvette.  I'm very lucky that we got this far already.
The shower and the vantity is bought.  I am still deciding on flooring, cabinets for
the bar area, ovens and wall color.  I know just exactly where the dish room
is going!  The gym is complete and my craft, flower craft room is complete.
Due to all the overflow in those areas I will show them when these rooms are
completed.  A lot going on.

I feel like Gollumn.  I am also working on the back porches.
Selecting paint for laundry room and cabinets.  Selecting paint
for dinning room and floyer.  Chair railing for dinning room, kitchen nook
and large kitchen hallway have not been finished yet.  However the chair railing
and frame trim has been completed in the floyer and down the entry hall ways. in progress..............

This is the bar kitchen area. There will be fridge undercounter,
a double oven and cabinets in this area for bar glasses etc. This
room is really large.

This is the area where the bar stools will be....................................Doors to right is the gym area

Gym thru the doors to the right, doors to the left is a large room for crafty and my weddings.

There are 4 large rooms in the basement and one storage room.  I can't wait to get these
completed because it will be great for intertaining our family on holidays.

This is why I've been in hiding. 


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Helen said...

Oh My Goodness .... Ms. Blossom! I can't even fathom this kind of undertaking. Really looking forward to your updates.