Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I see a color and the color is?

See the difference when the walls are dark and the furniture and accessories are lighter.
Wow factor.
Beautiful dinning room with light walls, dark furniture and hints of blue color.

This is a game that I play with my granddaughter as we drive in the car. I was looking on the Internet today to see why I am always drawn to colors of sand, browns and greens. Here is my answer. I hope you enjoy the tip; maybe you are drawn to I see a color too.

Some people love chocolate. Wonderful appealing dark browns have been called "the new black" and look terrific with a wide variety of other colors.

Now you can immerse yourself in deep rich chocolate hues in your home. Picture yummy browns with crisp white, warm camels, golden yellows, fern greens, and barn reds. Sounds nice, doesn't it?

If you're interested in bringing the look of chocolate into your home, here are some ideas:

•Leather is an perfect choice for a chocolate color scheme. Available in a huge variety of hues, leather looks rich and deep, and will add both comfort and style to your room.

•Pair your chocolate colors with liberal amounts of a contrasting light neutral. You might pick a straw yellow, a golden sand, bright white, or even a pale gray or sage. Base your scheme on at least one fabric choice, preferably a print that incorporates a number of wonderful colors to use throughout your home.

•Ralph Lauren has the paints and techniques for bringing a suede look to your walls. This might be just the thing for a cozy den, a powder room, or even a kitchen. Offset with liberal amounts of white or neutrals on the ceiling, walls, cabinets, etc., it should give a cozy rather than a closed in feel.

•Dark wood furniture will underscore you dark brown theme, but add some pieces that are painted or lighter woods both for interest and to avoid a completely heavy look. Natural rattan, wicker, and bamboo pieces will also fit in well.

•Bring chocolate into your bedroom with dark furniture, rich corduroy or velvet bed coverings, and moldings. Keep your background light (floors and walls) to focus on the freshness of this color scheme. Or go with deeper walls and punch it up with lots of bright white.

•Rich fabrics fit in well with a chocolate brown palette. Lovely gold damasks, shiny silk, bouillon fringe, tassels, and cording will add depth and texture.

•Plan your rooms using chocolate as the constant, but vary the themes, contrasting colors, and looks of each individual room. Go for velvet luxury in the living room, desert sand and straw in the home office, a rich floral in the bedroom.

•Add brown touches to neutral window coverings, with rows of trims, borders, or banding.

•Using lots of plants and greenery in brown schemes will lighten up the feeling and bring life to your rooms. Natural dried accessories can also be used such as a large vase of bamboo sticks, a basket of curly willow branches, or a dried flower arrangement.

•Many ceramic tile and natural stone floors are perfect in brown schemes. Look for undertones of gold or yellow (rather than pink or gray) to warm up your floors or counter tops.

Grass cloth, bamboo, and sisal will fit nicely into a chocolate room. Look for grass cloth wallpapers, bamboo blinds, and sisal area rugs or carpeting. These can add a lighter straw color or a deeper brown tone to the room.

•Look for fabrics that use brown as either a major or minor color. Chenille's are a natural, as are rich paisleys, stripes, checks, and some fl orals. Some toile patterns are also available in beige's, tans, and browns.

•Brown dinnerware may not be appealing to everyone, but you can easily add brown touches to your table by uncovering a wood table, using wood accessories like salad bowls, and pairing white dishes with rich brown place mats and colored napkins.
If you adore chocolate and want to bring that warm sweet look to your home, find ways to coordinate the look into a lovely, sophisticated, and liveable color scheme
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Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

I love browns, working on a living room for a client right now with choc. drapes and accents, we are going to paint the foyer choc. brown to set the stage. thanks for visiting.

Tootsie said...

I think I am like you...I love the dark browns in my wall colors....and some accessories! I used to think it was because we spend so much time in the cold here that it warms up a space enough that you don't notice the cold white outside!!!
glad to see you posting my friend. I think of you daily...hope you are getting thru all your papers!!!
you are so strong and inspiring to me...thnks

Natural Stone said...

Yes I totally agree dark browns warms up spaces...and i love it!