Thursday, July 30, 2009

What happens when you say " I would like to have"?

Looking over the railing, laying in the hammock I was deciding if my back yard was the right place to put a gazebo. Over the years I had done many outdoor weddings underneath a gazebo.
I think it would be a special place to gather when you don't want to walk around to the side yard or front yard; or even go thur the walk out basement to get upstairs.

Here are a few that I could picture in my back yard; minus the water. Although the thought of having an in ground pool put in would really be a dream for me. I often lay on the porch and dream about things that just "pop into my head" so off I go to write down on my list of items to do so I don't lose the idea. Do you have a gazebo in your yard, please copy and paste your blog address in your comments so I and others who have the same dream can see what you have done in your yard and how you have decorated your gazebo

Which is your favorite?
thank you visiting Interior Rooms.


lilsista said...

In my imagination I have a huge beautiful white gazebo in my back yard... It has an underground electric fence to keep the kids out from interrupting my relaxation time....Hmmmmm.....Ha! Kidding! Okay.. maybe not so, yah...kidding for sure? ...yes, definitely kidding!

Have a lovely day in whatever one you choose!
Smiles :0)1

Blondie's Journal said...

I would love to have something white with sheer drapes tied in the corners~very elegant and feminine. For me only!! LOL!!

Hope you get that gazebo and pool, Blossom!!


Struggler said...

These are gorgeous. Any of the white ones in a secluded setting would be fine by me! (Secluded, so I can nap in peace) :)